Wednesday, 14 September 2016

make music, chuck?

send L Blisset a press pack, to and it may well end up on Optical Bedlam.
"press pack, what the fuck is that?" you say?
a link, a picture ( i used to like the 10x8s), an mp3, a SHORT bio and any other shit you want to share with Optical Bedlam. we have a snail mail address too, if you want to send us shit (yr choice of definition) in the post.

to Optical Bedlam. The first show was broadcast on Sunday 4th September 2016c.e. and was reet fun to do. Next show Sunday 9th October 2016c.e.with special guest Knox of The Vibrators / Rock n Roll Rescue charity shop (Camden, London).

Want yr music broadcast, gigs advertised, hate mail? email me at

Never whistle while yr pissing...xx

Tracklist for Sunday  04/09/16c.e.

"batter house" The Cravats, Overground Records

"african mayonaise" Christeene Vale, self-released kickstarter campaign. well done, grrrl! x

"deadtown" (reprise) Bug Central, Stop Thief! Records
"an insufficent apology" All Leather, Three One G Records
"heartbreaker" The Fleas, Grow Your Own Records
"running scared" Johnny Moped, Damaged Goods
"deadtown" (reprise) Bug Central, Stop Thief! Records 

"rub" Peaches, I U She Music
"plasterer" Wonk Unit, Ex Gratia Recordings
"sex weirdos" Cocaine Piss, Hypertension Records
"treading water" Petrol Girls, Bomber Records
"city lights" Black Sheep, Mercury

"simulacra" Paper Mice, Three One G 
"hot air" Paper Mice, Three One G
guest tune slection...artist: Maanam

"putting on the ritz" Young Frankenstien OST



Tuesday, 6 September 2016

got a tune?

Radio Show featuring the latest music to wait for the floods with.
Hosted by punkvert and Jenny Runacre with guests. 
All professionally distorted for yr convenience.
Want yr band playing? contact Luther Blisset at

Sunday, 4 September 2016

radioshow debut

A big thank you to all the people who sent us music for the debut show and indeed, muchos ta chucks, to the listeners and the rest of the crew in the studio today :)

apologies to the nameless, who will be on the next show

full set list and links to come this week, but in the meantime, a message from Red Fang

Wednesday, 29 June 2016